Deepti Sekhar

Ms. Deepti Sekhar’s career spans over 15 years, during which she has been remarkably effective with her hands-on management of Pre-school and Early Childcare business at Atelier International Preschool and Childcare in Pune over the last decade. As the Co-Founder and Director, Ms. Sekhar is involved in regular training sessions of the teachers and oversees the educational aspects of the students at the preschool. She provides direction on academic paths and guides the facilitators in planning the relevant learning outcomes for the children.

Formerly a Computer Programmer with a Masters in Computer Applications, Ms Sekhar is highly conversant with the Reggio Emilia philosophy through extensive training in India and abroad. She has participated in several early childhood conferences & workshops by ECA and Reggio Children Italy.

Neha Palekar


I being a teacher want to change my children’s life by giving them good knowledge and manners.

I choose this profession because I love spending time with children. You can teach so many things to them and you can also learn lot of things from them. And being a teacher when you see your student grow it gives me immense pleasure and a proud feeling.

Being a part of Atelier I have learnt lot of new ways of teaching and I wish to add wings to the young mind for the beautiful world around.

Priyanka Jain

Teachers encourage; minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love

“I am a positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop. If I can have a positive impact on their future, I feel I am doing my job well. Being a mother myself, I believe that the children are like saplings and need the right amount of care, patience and nurturing to learn and grow.

I am very creative as a person, and have an optimistic approach towards life. Being artistic I love art and crafts, doodling, etc. I always look for an opportunity to learn and grow continuously each day. The children can teach us a lot so I enjoy interacting with them and learning from them.

Roopa Suttatti

Mrs. Roopa Suttatti’s is involved in various family business. With her socialist views and philanthropic values, she has always been passionate about driving social change through education, empowerment and upskilling. She believes in equity and inclusion of each individual of the society. She is actively involved in the HR and CSR activities at the family business.

Mrs. Roopa Suttatti’s career in the education field spans over a decade, during which she has been remarkably effective with her hands-on management of Pre-school and Early Childcare business at Atelier International Preschool and Childcare in Pune. As the Co-Founder and Director, Mrs. Suttatti is involved in regular training sessions of the teachers and oversees the administrative aspects of the pre school. Ms. Suttatti possess excellent administrative skills and her keen eye for detail ensures the top quality in all functions at pre-school.

Sangeeta Kumar

I am here at Atelier, because I love being around Children who never fail to make me happy and smile. Every day they surprise me with new challenges.

My passion for art and craft drew me closer to my profession as a teacher. I have a yearning to learn and pursue my career further.

My journey at Atelier as a Teacher has been a great experience and I am willing to try new things and I wish to add value to the journey of the young minds under my care and supervision and make their school years more fruitful.

Shirley Mahajan

If I should characterize myself in few words, I would pick passionate, enthusiasm, and commitment and that’s true about both my personal life and as a Child Care Teacher.

My journey has been full of learnings as I have been actively involved with children in developing strong values and building self-confidence. As a Teacher, I believe in stimulating the young minds so that they become more responsive to knowledge, which prepares them for the extremely competitive world.

I’m lucky enough to be a part of Atelier, as Atelier’s Vision to instil lifelong values, to develop the child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development is same as my belief.

Swati Pandit

My name is Swati Pandit, and I will be your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year! It’s really great getting to know you all and guiding your child through a successful journey. First, allow me to share a little about myself. Teaching is my passion, and I have been working for Atelier from past 5 years. In my free time I like to read and listen to good music. I strive to create a space for our little champs to explore their own learning styles, then I am there to help develop their interests and guide their absorption of the concept taught. My favorite time of the class when children talk to each other and ask lots of questions to me and their peers. These little champs make my classroom lively and pleasant.

Vaishali Goel

It is my passion to facilitate the young minds to grow into a passionate, responsible and a good human being. I believe that nature is the best teacher after parents and facilitators. We must inculcate in each child the love for nature and to be caring towards it. Music, drama and art are various methods by which a child can express himself well. Thus, they should be a given an environment full of such activities. As a pre-primary facilitator my main job would be to be a good listener, a friend and a guide to my children.

I love being with nature, read spiritual books, enjoy listening to music and listening to the little children’s imaginary stories. I love art and craft, playing keyboard, narrating stories and cooking. I am a very helpful, understanding, patient and a sincere person.

I chose to be a part of Atelier because I feel somewhere my beliefs are in sync with the organization’s beliefs. It is a school where everyone is given an opportunity to express, create and enhance one’s skills. Being a part of Atelier is a rich learning experience for me. It helps me to keep myself happy and to spread happiness to everyone around me.

Vaishali Thorat

Tough times do not last long, but tough people do

is a proverb that sums up my personality the best. It is the maxim that I live by. Being an army officer’s wife, I have learnt to stand tall and fearless in every situation. Courage and conviction are a part of my every day life. From the moment I wake up, I embrace the day with lot of hope and positivity and end it with excitement and gratitude. Thanks to my years of experience, I now have the privilege to be a part of the exceptional Atelier team.

It's my firm belief that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing individuals who do their best to support each other. I am honoured to lead and learn alongside people who bring joy into my workspace every day.

Having had the opportunity to don several hats allows me to ensure that every child has an extraordinary school experience. I am blessed to be able to go to school every day and love the job that I am doing. I look forward to working with children and making a positive impact on the school life of the children at Atelier.

Vinita Kapri

“All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way.” - William G. Spady

Children of the country are the future pioneers and representatives who will become leaders, who shall run the country. What can be more beautiful and challenging role than transforming these budding minds into a good human being and indeed a good citizen. Young and curious mind always keep us charged up to learn some simple yet meaningful things from them.

As a preschool teacher at Atelier International I shall get all these beautiful opportunities to educate the young minds and to see them exploring and learning in friendly environment.

As it is said that school is second home for our little ones, so it’s always my priority as a teacher to give them the safe, friendly and happy environment and help them to enhance their social and interpersonal skills.

As a preschool teacher it’s biggest reward for me if I am able to bring a positive difference in my children’s life.

My hobbies are story-telling, listening music, reading, cooking. I enjoy every moment at school with my children and colleagues.

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