At Atelier International Preschool we strongly believe that learning outcomes are delivered by a carefully researched and emergent curriculum.

The strength of our curriculum lies in the clear definition of the early learning goals that help our facilitators incorporate theory and practice of how children learn. This enables us to focus on the holistic development each child. We use Early years foundation framework (EYFS) guidelines as the backbone of our efforts.

Concepts are imparted to benefit every kind of learner. Be it a auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner. Our well researched curriculum is a perfect blend of learning, fun and explorations.

Our emergent curriculum aims at encouraging and motivating children to seek mastery of basic age appropriate academic skills in the service of their intellectual pursuits. Each child will be provided with numerous learning opportunities in an enriching environment. We understand the difference between academic and intellectual learning and strive to provide your child the greatest gift of all- the freedom to think and express creatively.

The curriculum at Atelier International preschool is diverse and rich in content and includes art, science, math, reading, literature, music, dance, journaling, and much more with the intention of fostering social interactions, independent play, exploration and creativity. The preschool is committed to a hands-on approach; children are encouraged to explore and use their imaginations with all of our equipment and materials.

Daily class schedules are designed to give the students the opportunity to engage in independent or child-directed play/activities as well as in teacher-lead group activities that build community spirit, cooperation, and social skills (sharing, listening, sharing thoughts with friends.) Typically, each class consists of the following basic components: choice time/free play, circle time, group activities (art, science, literature, dance, singing, etc.), snack, outdoor play, clean-up, journal time and a closure circle.

Academically, the school program is designed to help children learn basic skills in math (counting, number recognition, patterns, classification skills, etc.), pre-reading (letter and sound recognition, journaling activities, etc.) and science (exploration, observation, nature collecting, hands-on experiments, cooking, etc.)

These concepts are presented in all classes in developmentally-appropriate, fun and creative ways. Art is an important tool in teaching all of these concepts; it also promotes self-expression, self-esteem and respect for others

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